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  • Amanda J Wilson

    Active | Member Since: 05/18/1996

  • Luke S Mulligan

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/16/1997

  • David A Womochil

    Active | Member Since: 05/21/1994

  • Elaine Fridlund-Horne

    Judicial | Member Since: 10/21/1995

  • Linda M Houle

    Active | Member Since: 10/20/1984

  • Eliza Daley Read

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Patrice M Horstman

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/13/1979

  • Alexandra Shroufe

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1995

  • Mark R Moran

    Judicial | Member Since: 05/18/1985

  • Allen B Shayo

    Active | Member Since: 10/27/1990

  • Irene F Barrow

    I am happy to announce my retirement from the private practice of law in June 2018. During the past 38 years, I greatly enjoyed representing Native American tribes, businesses and individuals on a wide variety of civil matters. I also enjoyed assisting guardians and wards in guardianship/conservatorship cases.  It was was exciting, challenging and fun, but I am looking forward to new endeavors in retirement.

    Active | Member Since: 10/04/1980

  • J Michael Flournoy

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 09/22/1962

  • Kevin B Harris

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/18/1996

  • Whitney Cunningham

    Whitney Cunningham’s practice focuses on business and real estate representation.  For more than 20 years, he has assisted clients to form businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, manage intellectual property, litigate complex commercial matters and appeals, and navigate domestic and international transactional requirements.  His clients range from local family businesses to multi-national corporations.  He possesses extensive experience in both jury trials and complex business and real estate transactions. Mr. Cunningham began his legal career at the law firm of...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1993

  • Bruce S Griffen

    Bruce S. Griffen is a third-generation native Arizonan. He is a member of all state and federal courts in the State of Arizona, as well as the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Griffen is an expert trial attorney in criminal defense. Mr. Griffen is a founding and former board member of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Mr. Griffen has previously served on the Criminal Rules Committee of the Arizona State Bar. He has lectured throughout the state on numerous criminal defense topics. On a personal note, Mr. Griffen has...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/26/1978

  • Bruce W Griffin

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/04/1990

  • Kenneth W Sheffield

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/19/1996

  • Dennis Harrison

    Dennis has been working in legal matters since 1990. He has extensive experience with legal issues in Domestic Relations, Criminal law, Juvenile law, Real Estate, Easements, and Contracts. He limits his representation to a reasonable number of clients to effectively help solve their problems while making efforts to teach them the skills needed to succeed with their particular issues.  

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1992

  • Ronald Kanwischer

    Active | Member Since: 10/21/1988

  • Norma L Classen

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Zachary J Markham

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/12/1984

  • Kenneth H Brendel

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Lawrence A Ruzow

    Honors Graduate of Yale College and the Harvard Law School. MBA from NAU.

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 04/28/1973

    Typical Hourly Rate: $250

  • Christine M Brown

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

    Typical Hourly Rate: $200

  • Loretta M Fresquez

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/07/1978

  • Steven L Harvey

    Active | Member Since: 05/18/1991

  • Lee B Phillips

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/12/1984

  • Philip (Jay) McCarthy Jr

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 11/06/1990

  • Patrick J Schneider

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

  • Brandon J Kavanagh

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/21/1999

    Typical Hourly Rate: $250