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Find a Commercial Law Lawyer

  • Gordon S Bueler

    Active | Member Since: 10/24/1987

    Typical Hourly Rate: $250 | Typical Contingency Fee: 33%

  • Craig L Keller

    Craig Keller has been litigating business, construction, and real estate cases for more than 31 years. He has also been drafting documents for businesses of all sizes to form corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures, asset acquisition and sale, and employment matters. Craig has argued appeals in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Arizona Supreme Court, and the Arizona Court of Appeals. Additionally, he has been involved in all areas of estate planning including wills and trusts, premarital agreements, business succession planning and trust...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1982

  • Dominica J Minore

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1999

  • Patricia K Norris

    Active | Member Since: 10/08/1977

  • Mark R Herriot

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

  • Timothy P Remick Esq

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/21/1994

  • Brian Imbornoni

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/17/1981

  • Daryl M Williams

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1976

  • Bryan F Murphy

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/04/1980

  • James L Pak

    James (“Jim”) Pak primarily focuses his practice on legal matters involving personal injury/wrongful death, civil litigation and real estate. He is well versed in contracts and counsels small and medium sized businesses, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs). In addition to his main areas of practice, he has handled a variety of cases ranging from employment law, probate/wills, consumer bankruptcy, and criminal matters, just to name a few. As an entrepreneur, he has first hand experience in start-up businesses, as well as the knowledge of how much...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • J Michael Hennigan Esq

    Active | California | Member Since: 09/26/1970

  • Glenn J Gimbut

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 04/24/1976

  • Thomas J Marlowe

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1995

  • Kay Bigelow

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1988

  • Thomas A Connelly

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 09/21/1999

  • Michael S Rubin

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/31/1977

  • Donald D Colburn

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/05/1974

  • Brian J Schulman

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1993

  • Eric Hale Hitchcock Esq

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/21/1994

  • Kurt A Peterson

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

  • Roger L Cohen

    Roger Cohen has over 40 years’ experience as a business attorney, representing clients in both litigation and transactions. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of commercial law and the litigation process and is a forceful and effective advocate for his clients. Roger’s experience as a transactional attorney adds value in the litigation setting, as he can relate the documentation process to issues that arise in business and commercial disputes. Conversely, his knowledge and skill as a litigator affords him an advantage in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements with...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 04/24/1976

  • Jennifer Hadley Catero

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Lester W Schiefelbein Jr

    Active | Member Since: 04/03/1971

  • Patrick J Lopez

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Brian D Myers

    My professional experience includes a wide variety of litigation representation in the areas of commercial lending, construction, and real estate. Most of my experience is related to business contract disputes and collections. This includes extensive experience in asset/collateral recovery. In that regard, I have represented numerous lending institutions and equipment leasing companies in actions to recover equipment and other assets/collateral through the use of pre-judgment remedies such as an Order of Replevin. This has included the following, to name a few: construction equipment; retail...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/19/1996

  • Mark E Rudolph

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 11/25/1986

  • Mark N Goodman Esq

      About the Censure In 2006, while experiencing a recurring illness Mr. Goodman made a mistake which led to a censure.  Efforts were made to rectify the consequences of the mistake.  Also, there was a reassessment of office practices which led to significant improvements.  Additional legal education courses were taken.  Not only did learning from the mistake occur, but the process began of trying to identify the cause of, and remedy, the precipitating illness.  After multiple tests and consults with a variety of specialists throughout Arizona, the cause of...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/08/1977

  • Todd A Burgess

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Christopher S Coleman

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Matthew H Sloan

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997