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Find a Goodyear Lawyer

  • Vanessa Rae Heim

    Vanessa Heim focuses her practice in the areas of Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate.  In addition, she also practices in the area of adult guardianships and conservatorships, adult adoption, juvenile adoption, termination of parental rights, juvenile guardianship, and other related areas of law.  She has been in practice with the same firm in Goodyear, Arizona, proudly providing professional legal services to the community since 2012.

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 01/31/2012

    Typical Hourly Rate: $295

  • J Mark Meinhardt

    Active | Member Since: 09/07/2010

  • Vivian Vo Moser

    Active | Member Since: 09/27/2016

  • Justin William Greene

    Active | Member Since: 07/18/2018

  • Lisa Lynn Monnette

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 07/26/2013

  • Robert Wesley Current PhD

    Robert W. Current has received a JD in Law from The University of Arizona, a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from The University of North Dakota, and a BA in Chemistry from The University of California, Riverside. Dr. Current is admitted to the Bar of the State of Arizona and U.S. District Court District of Arizona. Additionally, Dr. Current has studied International Intellectual Property Law at Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, CCD and CMOS Imagers and Camera System at The University of California, Los Angeles, as well as studying Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology at California State...more

    Active | Member Since: 02/11/2014

    Typical Hourly Rate: $425 | Typical Fixed Fee: $3500 | Typical Contingency Fee: 33.33%

  • Keith Alan Miller

    Registered Patent Attorney with experience in Patent and Trademark preparation and prosecution. My previous career was a Materials and Process Engineer in the Aviation industry, specifically working with fiber-reinforced composite structures.  

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 01/17/2012

  • Stephanie Lynn Howard

    Active | Member Since: 04/08/2010

  • Lonnie Allen Pennell

    Active | Member Since: 01/29/2013

  • Shannon Kennedy Holstein

    Active | Member Since: 03/01/2019

  • Robert K Sanders

    Active | Member Since: 05/12/2017

  • Cheryl Guz

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 01/15/2013

  • Robert J Bard

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 08/30/2019

  • Stephen M Martin

    Active | Member Since: 12/04/2012

  • Jennifer Noel Hobik

    Active | Member Since: 11/14/2017

  • Jay Peter Karlovich

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/31/2013

  • Travis Loren Wheeler

    Active | Member Since: 07/13/2020

  • Mark William Hofgard

    Mark Wm. Hofgard is licensed to practice law in the states of Arizona and Colorado, and partner in the firm Ruffatto & Hofgard. He has over 30 years' experience in law, business, and real estate matters. Mr. Hofgard's current practice focuses on real estate, commercial, civil litigation, and personal injury.  He received his Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law in 1980, and B.A. (Economics) from Northwestern University in 1977. He currently serves residents throughout the states of Colorado and Arizona. His many life experiences include: president of a...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 06/27/2012

  • Hillary A Hasselbring

    Active | Member Since: 05/20/2009

  • Chelsea Irene McGuire

    Active | Member Since: 08/06/2015

  • Michael Alan Siegel

    Active | Member Since: 03/19/2018

    Typical Hourly Rate: $200 | Typical Contingency Fee: 25%

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Active | Member Since: 10/22/2008

  • Quiana Elise Levy

    Active | Member Since: 03/02/2016