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  • Reginald Harvey Dye

    Mr. Dye is a third generation Arizonan who graduated from the University of Arizona and its School of Law.  He graduated from law school in 1968 and was admitted to the Arizona Bar in September of that year. Upon admission to practice, he established his own firm in Tucson, later relocating to the Phoenix area, and has since always been a sole practitioner. Mr. Dye is an Arizona real estate attorney who brings a wealth of real world experience to his practice. He has been actively involved in real estate since 1969 and has been an attorney for more than 45 years.  R....more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 09/21/1968

  • Arthur G Moser

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/15/1962

  • David R Postal

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 04/26/1975

    Typical Hourly Rate: $250

  • Kent Russell Romney

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

  • Teresa M Hunt

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/15/1993

  • Sidney F Mitchell

    Active | Member Since: 09/25/1965

  • Russell S Olds

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 11/05/1970

  • Elizabeth R Finn

    Judicial | Arizona | Member Since: 09/23/1972

  • Robert F Harrian

    Robert F. Harrian is the owner of The Harrian Law Firm, P.L.C. and has practiced law in Arizona since earning his Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University College of Law in 1987. His law school education included studies at the University of Arizona College of Law and University College London in England. After serving in the United States Army, Robert received an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, with honors, in 1981 at Corning Community College in Corning, New York. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from Arizona State University in 1983. Robert is...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/24/1987

    Typical Hourly Rate: $375

  • Stacey L Johnson

    Ms. Johnson focuses her practice on assisting those responsible for managing another’s personal or financial matters, including family members, licensed fiduciaries, corporate trustees or those nominated in estate planning documents. She represents individuals or businesses responsible for estate and trust administration as well as those seeking to serve or serving as guardians or conservators. Her practice also includes conservatorships as part of personal injury settlements and adult adoptions. Ms. Johnson handles litigation in these areas and provides expert witness testimony.more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/21/1999

  • Colleen McNally

    Active | Member Since: 10/25/1986

  • Garrett W Simpson

    Active | Member Since: 12/06/1977

  • Gregory E Hinkel

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 09/29/1973

  • Michael L McAllister

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/18/1975

  • Gary L Rohlwing

    Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing Providing DUI, Criminal Defense & Domestic Violencerepresentation to Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, Goodyear, Avondale and all of Arizona. At the Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing, I have personally handled over 3000 cases and have become a trusted attorney for Glendale, Peoria & Phoenix Residents. I provide legal defense for criminal cases, DUI, domestic violence, juvenile cases, felonies and misdemeanors. I work hard to help my clients stay out of jail and at home with their families so that they keep working. All of my clients...more

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/15/1982

    Typical Fixed Rate: $1500

  • Sheila E Harmer

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1982

  • Jean L Baxter

    Judicial | Member Since: 11/09/1985

  • Gregrey G Jernigan

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 11/28/1972

  • Jan Dilley Borgstadt

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 05/20/1995

  • Cindi S Nannetti

    Active | Member Since: 05/14/1983

  • I Clark Gee

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1986

  • Peter E Van Camp

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/17/1981

  • Kent D Lee

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

    Typical Hourly Rate: $350

  • Harvey M Yee

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 04/30/1977

  • Nino Abate

    I have been licensed in Arizona since 1996. Since August 2010, I have been the principal of the Law Office of Nino Abate, PLC. I graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 1993, then went on to graduate from the Sandra Day Connor College of Law with distinction in 1996 (Order of the Barristers). I am an experienced litigator, a skilled transactional attorney and a trusted corporate counselor who is committed to obtaining the best outcome in your case.

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 12/17/1996

    Typical Hourly Rate: $295 | Typical Fixed Fee: $1000 | Typical Contingency Fee: 30%

  • Amy E Bain

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1993

  • Mark T Blank

    Active | Member Since: 09/21/1999

  • Terrance C Mead

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1982

  • Billie A Rosen

    Active | Member Since: 10/04/1980

  • Richard Bellah

    Active | Arizona | Member Since: 10/04/1980