Marc C Goldsen

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Davis Miles McGuire Gardner PLLC
40 E Rio Salado Pkwy Ste 425, Tempe, Arizona, 85281-9102




Status: Active  

Board Certified Specialization: None  

Professional Liability Insurance: Yes  

Admitted to Practice Law: 1999

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona: October 25, 1999

Other Language(s): Russian, Spanish, Hebrew


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Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Business Law Small Business Law, Privatization, Professional Practices, Minority Business Law, Pass-Through Entities, Private Business Law, Strategic Alliances, Sole Proprietorships, Trade Association Law, Trade and Professional Associations, Business Arbitration, Business Organization, Business Planning, Business Mediation, Business Estate Planning, Business Fraud, Business Litigation, Business Enterprises, Business Dissolutions, Business Formation, Business Development, Business Crimes, Business Cooperatives, Business Associations Law, Cooperative Taxation, Emerging Business Law, Complex Business Litigation, Closely Held business Taxation, Buy-Sell Agreements, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Closely Held Business Law, International Business Law, Family Business Successions, Family Business Mediation, Family Business Law, Emerging Growth Companies, Emerging Growth Companies, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Business Syndication, Business Taxation, Business Successions, Business Succession Planning, Business Reorganization, Business Regulation, Business Start-Ups, Business Trusts, Business Valuation, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Business Transactions, Business Torts, Business Transfers, International Joint Ventures, Joint Ventures, Limited Liability Company Law
Corporate Law Closely Held Corporations, Corporate Banking Law, Family Partnerships, Family Limited Partnerships, Corporate Workouts, Family Corporations, Foreign Sales Corporations, Hostile Takeovers, International Corporate Finance, Incorporation, Corporate Trusts, Corporate Tax Planning, Corporate Tax Controversies, Corporate Successions, Corporate Planning, Corporate Partnerships, Corporate Reorganization, Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Insurance Defense, Corporate Investigations, Corporate Litigation, Corporate Organization, Corporate Insurance, Corporate Income Tax, Corporate Governance, Corporate Formation, Corporate Fiduciary Law, Corporate Finance, Corporate Ethics, Corporate Dissolutions, Corporate Control Contests, Corporate Criminal Law, Corporate Contracts, Corporate Commercial Law, Transfer Pricing, Tender Offers, Takeovers, International Corporate Law, International Corporate Taxation, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Partnership Dissolution, Partnership Formation, Offshore Corporations, Nonprofit Corporations, Small Business Corporations, S Corporations, Proxy Contests, Public Corporations, Partnership Taxation, Professional Corporations, Partnership Syndication, Partnership Organization
Commercial Law Uniform Commercial Code, Secured Transactions, Warehousing, Negotiable Instruments, International Sale of Goods, Retail Liability, Sale of Goods, Complex Commercial Litigation, Commercial Trusts, International Commercial Arbitration, International Commercial Law, Commercial Liability, Commercial Fraud, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Commercial Transfers, Commercial Torts, Commercial Mediation, Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Crimes, Commercial Constitutional Law
Construction Law Architectural Law, Construction Accidents, Construction and Surety Law, Construction and Design Law, Construction Finance, Construction Equipment Liability, Construction Insurance Defense, Construction Insurance, Construction Defects, Construction Contracts, Construction Arbitration, Construction Claims, Structural Work Act, Roof Industry Liability, Scaffolding Liability, Construction Litigation, Construction Liens, Construction Labor Law, Construction Liability, Construction Safety, Construction Workouts, Construction Products Liability, Construction Mediation, Public Construction Law, Public Works, International Construction Law, Materialmens Liens, Environmental Construction Law, international Construction Contracts, Contractor Performance Bonds, Contractors Liability
Contracts Bid Protests, Contract Litigation, Contract Fraud, Contract Drafting, Commercial Contracts, Government Contract Arbitration, Government Construction Contracts, Government Contract Fraud, Government Contract Cost Accounting, Federal Contracts, Foreign Military Sales, Defense Contracts, Defense Contract Fraud, Public Works Contracts, Public Contract Law, Local Government Contracts, Public Bidding, International Contracts, International Government Contracts, International Commercial Contracts, Government Procurement
Entertainment Law Artists Rights, Art Law, Entertainment Contracts, Distribution, Cultural Property, Entertainment Litigation, Entertainment Syndication, Entertainment Liability, Entertainment Finance, Motion Picture Production and Distribution, Motion Picture Finance, Fine Arts, Interactive Multimedia Law, Motion Pictures and Television, Multimedia Law, Music Copyright, Video Law, Theater Law, Music Law, Museum Law, Music Publishing, Music Licensing
Environmental Law, Natural Resources Air Pollution, Air Quality, Brownfields Redevelopment, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Clean Air Act, Chemical Regulation, Climate Change, Clean Water Act, Coastal Environmental Law, Earth Movement, Environmental Administrative Law, Endangered Species, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Gas Pollution, Habitat Conservation, Groundwater Contamination, Environmental Cost Recovery, Environmental Corporate Law, Environmental Criminal Law, Environmental Criminal Defense, Environmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Diseases, Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Arbitration, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Business Law, Environmental Bankruptcy, Environmental Cleanup, Environmental Class Actions, Environmental Contamination, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Regulation, Environmental Reinsurance, Environmental Risk Management, Federal Insecticide, Environmental Mediation, Environmental Penalties, Environmental Real Estate, Environmental Permitting, Environmental Insurance Claims, Environmental Insurance, Environmental Insurance Defense, Environmental Insurance Coverage, Environmental Litigation, Environmental Liability, Environmental Lender Liability, Environmental Legislative Practice, Hazardous Materials Management, Hazardous Materials and Substances, Hazardous Materials Transportation, Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste Liability, Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Permits, Hazardous Waste Regulation, Indoor Air Quality, International Environmental Law, Landslides and Subsidence, Medical Waste, Oil Pollution, Nuclear Waste, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, National Environmental policy Act (NEPA), Toxic Substance Regulation, Toxic Substances, Toxic Substance Liability, Toxic Chemicals, Solid Waste Disposal, Solid Waste Management, Solid Waste Regulation, Superfund, Pollution, Property Remediation, Oil Spills, Pesticide Regulation, Solid Waste, Sick Building Syndrome, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Protected Species, Underground Storage Tanks, Water Pollution, Wetlands Protection, Water Quality, Wetlands Regulation, Wildlife Law
Native American Law Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Federal Indian Law, Alaska Native Law, Indian Child Welfare Act, Indian Gaming Law, Indian Law, Indian Land Law, Indian Water Claims, Native American Civil Rights, Navajo Tribal law, Native American Law, Native Hawaiian Rights, Tribal Taxation, Tribal Economic Development, State-Tribal Relations, Tribal Government, Tribal Law
Insurance Accident Insurance, Arson and Insurance Fraud, Automobile Insurance, Automobile Insurance Defense, Automobile Insurance Coverage, Automobile Insurance Fraud Defense, Automobile Liability, Automobile Liability Defense, Captive Insurance, Casualty Insurance Defense, Casualty Insurance, Disability Insurance, Disability Insurance Defense, Excess Coverage, Excess and Reinsurance, Commercial Insurance Defense, Commercial Property Insurance, Casualty Insurance Subrogation, Commercial Insurance, Insurance Agents and Brokers Defense, Insurance Agents and Brokers Errors and Omissions, Insurance Administration, Insurance Agents and Brokers, Insurance Arbitration, Insurance Bad Faith, Insurance Collection, Insurance Bad Faith Defense, Insurance Defense Subrogation, Insurance Coverage Defense, Insurance Fraud Defense, Insurance Fraud, Insurance Company Taxation, Insurance Company Demutualization, Insurance Contracts, Insurance Coverage, Extra Contractual Insurance Claims, Extra Contractual Insurance Defense, Fidelity and Surety, Fidelity and Surety Bonds, Fire Insurance, Fire Insurance Defense, Fire Loss, Fire Insurance Subrogation, Flood Insurance Defense, First Party Insurance, First and Third Party Insurance Defense, First and Third Party Insurance, Insurance Adjuster Liability, Indemnity, General Liability Defense, General Liability, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists, Property Subrogation, Public Liability, Reinsurance, Public Liability Defense, Reinsurance Defense, Reinsurance Arbitration, Reinsurance Mediation, Risk Management, Subrogation, Surety Bonds, Self Insured Law, Self Insured Defense, Surety Defense, Surety Law, Unfair Insurance Practices, Uninsured and Underinsured, Insurance Recovery, Insurance Receivership, Insurance Rate Regulation, Insurance Products, International Insurance, Insurance Trusts, Insurance Rehabilitation and Liquidation, Insurance Regulation, Insurance Mediation, Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions, Insurance Pooling Arrangements, Insurance Premium Fraud, Insurance Litigation, Insurance Investigations, Insurance Guaranty Association Law, Insurance Insolvency, No Fault Automobile Insurance, No Fault Auto Insurance Defense, Motorists Arbitration, Malpractice, life Insurance Defense, Loss Recovery, Life Insurance, Life and Health Insurance, Property Damage Defense, Property Damage, Personal Liability Defense, Personal Liability, Property Loss, Property Insurance Defense, Property Insurance, Property Insurance Coverage
Intellectual Property Artistic Property, Biotechnology Patent Prosecution, Biochemical Patents, Business Method Patents, Chemical Intellectual Property, Biotechnology Patents, Brand management, Computer Architecture Patents, Computer and Software Patents, Chemical Patents, Chemical Patent Prosecution, Copyright Litigation, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Licensing, Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, Intellectual Property Procurement, Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Enforcement, Intellectual Property Arbitration, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Infringement, Electronic Patents, Electronic Intellectual Property, Industrial Property, Industrial Property Rights, Electrical Intellectual Property, Electrical Patent Prosecution, Electrical Patents, Electro-Mechanical Patents, Copyright Protection, Copyright Registration, Counterfeiting, Design Patents, Trademark Litigation, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Arbitration, Trademark Protection, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Registration, Service Marks, Protection of Personality, Piracy, Proprietary Rights, Trade Names, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Trade Dress, Theft of Trade Secrets, International Patent Prosecution, International Licensing, International Intellectual Property, International Copyright Law, International Patents, International Trademarks, Internet Intellectual Property, Internet Copyright Law, Mechanical Intellectual Property, Mechanical Patent Prosecution, Medical Intellectual Property, Mechanical Patents, Internet Patents, Internet Trademarks, Lanham Act, Literary Property, Patent Protection, Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Patents, Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution, Patent Litigation, Patent Licensing, Patent Portfolio Management, Patent Prosecution, Medical Patents, Merchandising, Metallurgical Patents, Molecular Biology Patents, Patent Infringement, Patent Interference Practice, Patent Applications, New Media Law
Investment Law Financial Services Law, Asia-Pacific Investment, Emerging Markets, Financial Services Regulation, Foreign Investment in the United States, Hedge Funds, Foreign Investment, Institutional Investment Law, International Investment, International Capital Markets, Investment Company law, Investment Fraud, Investment Banking Law, International Venture Capital, Investment Regulation, Investment Partnerships, investment Management, Investment in Eastern Europe, Investment in Latin America, Consumer Financial Services, Capital Markets, Cross Border Investment, Derivative Products, Trust Investment, Syndication, Venture Capital, Mutual Funds, Mezzanine Finance, Private Equity, Investment in Russia, Political Risk Insurance
Mergers and Acquisitions Acquisitions and Divestitures, Business Acquisitions, Business Divestitures, International Mergers and Acquisitions, International Merger Notification, Leveraged Buyouts, Leveraged Acquisitions, Mergers and Acquisitions Finance, Mergers and Acquisition Taxation, Mergers, Merger Reorganization, Spin-Offs, Premerger Notification
Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Tax Exempt Organizations, Public Charities, Charitable Organizations Law, Charitable Giving, Charitable Gambling, Charitable Limited Partnerships, Charitable Trusts and Foundations Nonprofit Organizations law, Private Foundations, Nonprofit Tax Law
Regulatory Law Economic Regulatory Law, Drug and Medical Device Regulation, Federal Regulatory law, Food and Drug Regulation, Food Drug and Cosmetic Law, International Regulatory Law, Postal Law, Regulatory Agency Practice, Regulated Industries, Self Regulatory Agency Investigations, Regulatory Investigations, Animal Drug Regulation
Real Estate/Real Property Building and Public Safety Codes, Cemetery Law, Commercial Conveyancing, Commercial Landlord & Tenant law, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Mortgages, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy, Commercial Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Commercial Real Estate Development, Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure, Commercial Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Real Estate Sales, Commercial Real Estate Syndication, Condo Association Duties, Condo Association Liens, Condemnation, Commercial Real Estate Workouts, Historic Preservation, Foreclosure Defense, Foreclosure, Eviction, Evictions, Fire Districts, Foreclosure, Condo Association Litigation, Condo Association Rights, Environmental Land Use, Eminent Domain, HOA Litigation, HOA Liens, HOA Law, HOA Duties, Industrial Real Estate Law, Industrial Leasing, Improvement Districts, HOA Rights, Land Conservation, Land Development, Land Use, Land Entitlement, International Leasing, International Property Law, Inverse Condemnation, Land Annexation, Mortgage Lien Foreclosure, Mortgage Refinancing, Mortgage Law, Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Foreclosure, Mortgage Finance, Mortgage Banking Law, Mortgage Bankruptcy, Land Use Litigation, Land Use Permitting, Land Use Regulation, Landlord and Tenant Law, Leveraged Leasing, Leasing, Lease Finance, Lease Terminations, Personal Property, Personal Property Leasing, Planning and Land Use, Property Rights, Mortgage Securitization, Mortgage Tax, Office leasing, Mortgage Workouts, Rent Control, Retail Development, Rezoning, Retail Leasing, Shopping Center Development, Shopping Center Law, Secondary Mortgage Market, Shopping Center Acquisitions, Zoning Variances, Zoning Law, Zoning, Water Districts, Unlawful Detainer, Subdivisions, Special Districts, Shopping Center Leasing
Securities Law Private Placement, Mortgage Backed Securities, Private Placement Syndication, Public Offerings, Insider Trading, International Securities, Initial Public Offerings, Government Securities, Blue Sky Law, Bank Securities, Broker-Dealer Arbitration, Broker-Dealer Registration, Broker-Dealer Regulation, FINRA Arbitration, SEC Enforcement, Securities Arbitrage, Securities Class Actions, Securities Arbitration, Securities Disclosure, Securities Consumer Arbitration, Securities Finance, Securities Finance, Securities Regulation, Securities Registration, Securities Offerings, Securities Litigation, Securities Fraud Class Actions, Securities Investor Protection Act, Securities Fraud Arbitration, Securities Fraud, Shareholder Disputes, Shareholder Rights, Shareholder Agreements, Shareholder Derivative Actions, Tax Exempt Securities, Shareholders Law
Education Law Academic Employment, School Board Liability, School Board Defense, School Desegregation, School District Liability School Equal Protection, Special Education, Student Discipline, School Tenure, School Law, Public School Law, Private Education Law, Fraternity Liability, Independent School Law, Federal Education Grants, Educational Testing, Charter School Law, College and University Law, Student Loans, Teachers Credentials, University Finance, Title IX Discrimination
Technology and Science Technology Finance, Technology Contracts, Technology Joint Ventures, Technology Law, Technology Licensing, Technology Protection, Technology Transfers, Semiconductor Technology, Technical Litigation, Polymers, Physics, Medical Technology, Nanotechnology, Petroleum Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Internet Technology, Laser Technology, Life Sciences, Materials Science, International High Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, High Technology, High Technology Contracts, Electronics, Coatings Technology, Fiber Optics, Explosives Technology, Chemistry, Agrochemicals, Aerospace Technology
Water Law Water Treaty Rights, Water Rights, Water Transactions, Water Resources, Water Regulation, Drainage Law, Interstate Compacts, Municipal Water, Navigability, Reclaimed Water, Stream Adjudication, Regional Water, Water Administrative Proceedings, Water Acquisition and Ownership, Water Litigation, Water Quality, Water Energy, Water Disputes


  • Arizona (Active)

Law School

  • U of Arizona

  • Last Updated: January 18, 2021
  • Typical Hourly Fee: $380
    Typical Fixed Fee:
    Typical Contingency Fee:
  • Tempe, Arizona, Maricopa County
  • Accept Credit Cards: No
  • Free Consultations: No

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