Kevin Heath Day

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Status: Active  

Board Certified Specialization: None  

Professional Liability Insurance: No  

Admitted to Practice Law: 2006

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona: October 18, 2006

Other Language(s): None


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Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Business Law International Joint Ventures, Joint Ventures, Business Succession Planning, Business Successions, Business Syndication, Business Taxation, Business Regulation, Business Reorganization, Business Start-Ups, Business Transfers, Business Torts, Business Transactions, Business Trusts, Business Valuation, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Emerging Business Law, Cooperative Taxation, Complex Business Litigation, Closely Held business Taxation, Closely Held Business Law, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Buy-Sell Agreements, Emerging Growth Companies, Emerging Growth Companies, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Family Business Mediation, Family Business Law, Family Business Successions, International Business Law, Business Associations Law, Business Cooperatives, Business Development, Business Crimes, Business Enterprises, Business Dissolutions, Business Formation, Business Planning, Business Mediation, Business Organization, Business Fraud, Business Estate Planning, Business Litigation, Business Arbitration, Limited Liability Company Law, Minority Business Law, Pass-Through Entities, Private Business Law, Small Business Law, Privatization, Professional Practices, Strategic Alliances, Sole Proprietorships, Trade and Professional Associations, Trade Association Law
Intellectual Property Artistic Property, Biotechnology Patent Prosecution, Biochemical Patents, Chemical Intellectual Property, Business Method Patents, Biotechnology Patents, Brand management, Copyright Litigation, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Licensing, Computer Architecture Patents, Computer and Software Patents, Chemical Patent Prosecution, Chemical Patents, Intellectual Property Infringement, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Enforcement, Intellectual Property Arbitration, Electronic Patents, Electronic Intellectual Property, Industrial Property Rights, Industrial Property, Electrical Patents, Electro-Mechanical Patents, Electrical Intellectual Property, Electrical Patent Prosecution, Counterfeiting, Design Patents, Copyright Protection, Copyright Registration, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Procurement, Lanham Act, Literary Property, Internet Patents, Internet Trademarks, Mechanical Patent Prosecution, Mechanical Intellectual Property, Mechanical Patents, Medical Intellectual Property, Internet Intellectual Property, Internet Copyright Law, International Patents, International Trademarks, International Intellectual Property, International Copyright Law, International Patent Prosecution, International Licensing, Patent Litigation, Patent Licensing, Patent Portfolio Management, Patent Prosecution, Patent Protection, Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution, Pharmaceutical Patents, Patent Infringement, Patent Interference Practice, Patent Applications, New Media Law, Metallurgical Patents, Molecular Biology Patents, Medical Patents, Merchandising, Trademark Protection, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Registration, Intellectual Property Rights, Trademark Litigation, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Arbitration, Proprietary Rights, Piracy, Protection of Personality, Service Marks, Trade Dress, Theft of Trade Secrets, Trade Names, Trade Secret Misappropriation
Litigation Civil Litigation, Complex Litigation, E-Discovery, Federal Litigation


  • Arizona (Active), US Patent & Trademark Office (Active)

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  • Ohio Northern

  • Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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